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PRESIDENTIAL SHAVE BARBERSHOP – A HIGHER POWER credited with business’ success

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Named Bellagio’s employee of the year in 2008 — the first-ever African-American to win the honor — Johnnie Williams, owner and operator of Presidential Shave Barbershop, credits a higher power for his newfound entrepreneurial success.
“God has been really good to me,” he said in a recent interview. “I did some bad things when I was a young man, and now I am almost 40 years old. We all go through things as teenagers. We go through different changes in development to become a man. That is why I give all praises to God for seeing me through it.”

Presidential Shave Barbershop's

Presidential Shave Barbershop's Curt Macklin, Jason Hymes, Johnnie Williams and Anthony Banks all agree that the concept behind the business is to evoke leadership and first-class service

Williams, whose shop is just off the Las Vegas Strip at 208 E. Sahara Ave., said that President Obama’s 2008 election victory influenced his own decision to start a business. “I am honored to have President Obama as my president — it was a great achievement for him to win the election,” he said. “That had a tremendous impact on me and others who are trying to move forward in life and have hope.”
As a longtime Bellagio employee, Williams was given a platform to master his craft as a barber. Along the way, he encountered a number of influential people who admired his passion for excellence. When he was selected as the hotel and casino’s top employee from among 9,000 workers, it earned him an extra measure of respect. “When I won employee of the year at the Bellagio, the other employees would call me ‘Mr. President.’ I was so proud to be looked upon as a pioneer,” Williams said. “Like Dr. Bob Bailey once told me: ‘Not too many people can call themselves the first of anything.’ ”
Presidential Shave Barbershop has an interior design and overall appearance meant to evoke leadership and first-class service. “We have a circle of light in the shop, and a Presidential Shave crest that is our logo, with eagles representing excellence,” said Williams. “The service we provide is at the top of its class. It is mandatory that all our barbers wear shirts and ties every day. Being the best, you want to look your best, and a great presentation is the first impression. … All our barbers seem to walk taller with a sense of pride.”
The establishment also distinguishes itself by offering a throwback grooming technique to its clientele. “We do old-school style shaves with a straight razor,” said Williams. “With specialty oils and hot towels, we give special attention to excellence.”
Many celebrities in the entertainment capital frequent Presidential Shave, including entertainer Wayne Brady, several poker stars and a number of top athletes. Williams is proud to offer what he considers exclusive service, and his skills and character were recently tested in a very special way. “I participated in a charity where some top poker players had a benefit for one of their counterparts,” he said. “She was recently diagnosed with cancer, and they hired me to shave their heads to show their support for her while she was going through chemotherapy treatment. I shaved heads until 3 a.m. … and when I finished, I decided to shave my own head to also show my support.”
A family man, who is the father of four sons, Williams does not hesitate to praise his own first lady — wife Nina. “My wife is awesome,” he said. “She is my backbone, making the business run perfectly. I give her so much credit for holding it down in so many ways, and keeping our family on course toward success.”


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