Tuesday, June 18, 2024

PEACE – Finding your way out of the darkness

There are times when we are overwhelmed by negative circumstances, challenged to find peace in the midst of unfavorable situations.
No one is completely immune to random episodes that try our faith and test our resolve. When tragedy delivers great pain, even silence seems too loud. How do we find our way out of a dark forest with no points of reference to bring us back to the light? We stay awake nights and sleep through our days, hoping peace will rise to warm us. But it does not come. We call but receive no answer. How do we return to peace, the birthplace of happiness?
We must emerge from the darkness and live in the present. The moment you are greeted by the smile of a stranger, these small gifts of grace can break down barriers of self-pity. There is a sun that comes out tomorrow. Another day, a new beginning that adds to the better history of our lives.
God is not done with you. He holds those new assignments that allow you to sow seeds that bring a harvest of peace. Silent, and in an unfamiliar form, but it is there. Move too fast and you might miss it, because it is unlike anything you have experienced before.
Acquaint yourself with this new form of peace when it enters your life. You’ve had it isolated for too long, and it needs new points of entry into your heart. The warmth slowly prepares a place for peace to move in. Like any new home, peace has to find its comfort zone within you. It won’t happen overnight. Peace gradually nurtures itself, and happiness grows. Take time to experience all the emotions that pave your path to peace.
Be gentle with yourself. You are justified in fighting through pain before throwing open new doors for peace to move in. Peace is your individual friend, an angel sent by God to remind us that he is there. One set of footprints in the sand carries us to a brighter plane. Now is the time to fully embrace those moments in time that can truly be called peace.

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