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10 tips for mastering motherhood

Mother Mary House plays many roles: wife of the Rev. Clinton House, first lady of Mountaintop Faith Ministries and founder/executive director of the Caring, Helping and Restoring Lives employment and training program. Her 10 tips for mastering motherhood can be summed up in three words: “Do You, Boo!”

Mother Mary House

  1. Keep God first in your family.
  2. Be a nurturer. A good mother is someone who covers her children and teaches them properly. She has a listening ear and guides her children into their own personal growth.
  3. A mother keeps peace and is the “balancer” in the home. When the home is tense, she is the bridge over troubled waters. A mother is a woman with a multitude of gifts that cover her family and her children.
  4. A mother’s love is almost like the love of Jesus. He loves us through all of our faults and sins and shortcomings. Your mother will always love you. She might not always agree, but her love is unconditional.
  5. If you are a young teen mother, don’t wallow in your mistake — even if it wasn’t a “mistake.” Don’t get caught up in your action; your child doesn’t deserve a woundedmother. Take ownership and don’t wait on daddy to show up. Stay focused and never give up on your dreams.
  6. If you are having a tough time financially, and working two or more jobs, establish a good support system so that you have help with your children. If you don’t have a job, take advantage of programs out there to help you. It is not a handout; some programs are bridges until you can get where you want to go. Don’t be so proud. I would rather you flip burgers and clean a house at night to make sure your family eats. I would rather you have two $8-an-hour jobs than no job at all. People who get jobs are people who are already working.
  7. A good mother knows how to work her children, and they will be well-mannered and well-disciplined — even in her absence.
  8. Look for the gifts in your children and manifest them.
  9. Read to your child and check his or her homework.
  10. Make sure you take care of yourself. Something I call “Do You, Boo.” You will be surprised how a little powder, lipstick and mascara will make you feel. Slick you hair back in a neat bun and have it well-groomed. Even if you have to get up 30 minutes earlier to concentrate on yourself, with exercise or what I call your morning devotion, read the word, pray and remember, you are your greatest gift to your family.

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