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PEACE: Get organized!

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Our minds are eased when we get organized. With children returning to their studies after a long and hot summer, emotional refuge can be found in the back-to-school routine. Solid time frames for meals, sleeping on a schedule and alone time with your mate can keep the chaos at bay.

A wonderful sense of bliss can be achieved just by cleaning out a closet. Taking out the old and preparing for the new produces a uniquely satisfying feeling. It soothes a rambling spirit. We surrender this serenity by allowing others to act as time thieves. People are experts at putting you on their own clock: calling only at times that are best for them; stopping by to visit with no regard for the demands of your daily agenda; volunteering your time for community or church functions without considering the rigors of a personal life.

To resist these time grabs, it is important to incorporate a concept called “self-care” into our lives. This is the moment when we seize control of all that affects us. Self-care is like the closet organizer that puts all of our treasures into their proper place. It is the umbrella that protects the essential elements of self — emotional, spiritual, physical and mental — from being drenched in the storm.

As your own advocate for self-care, it is imperative to stay organized in order to address individual needs. For some, that can mean waking up early — even though keeping late-night hours can allow for invaluable personal time. In my life, it provides more time to prepare a day that is inclusive of doing business efficiently, taking care of my two wonderful boys, spending walk time with my dogs and allotting time for my mate. Smiling, I hear the song “Superwoman” echoing around the corner.

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