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Tips to improve the taste of TAP WATER

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Although southern Nevada’s water supply meets or exceeds all state and federal drinking water standards, the taste of tap water may not appeal to you. Some residents detect bitter or slightly sour tastes in our tap water, but rest assured this is no cause for alarm. The distinct taste of our water comes from chlorine, which is added during the water-treatment process to help protect the water supply. While the addition of chlorine does affect taste, it is considered one of the most important health advances of the 20th century. The following are tips you can use to help improve the flavor of your tap water in a cost-effective way:

Refrigerate a pitcher of tap water. This allows the chlorine to dissolve. After just a few hours, you’ll notice an improvement in flavor.

Add a lemon or orange slice. Any citrus fruit adds zest and packs a tastier and stronger punch than chlorine.

Filter your water. There are hundreds of filter options at varying costs, but an inexpensive activated carbon filter, like those found in carafe systems, can improve taste and odor perceptions associated with chlorine. These filters do not remove hardness, minerals, sodium or fluoride. While you may prefer the taste and appearance of bottled water, it’s most likely not providing any additional health benefits. In fact, tap water undergoes even more stringent standards than bottled water and is tested more frequently. You should keep this information in mind when you consider buying bottled water or investing in a water-treatment system. If you are considering a supplemental home-treatment system, the Southern Nevada Water Authority offers a free information packet to help you make an informed decision. To request a packet, call (702) 258- 3930 or visit


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