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Black to Green – 8 moments in my bout with breast cancer

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Patricia Knox1. In May 2008, I felt discomfort in my right breast. I felt no lump, but discomfort quickly became pain.

2. When I had the mammogram done, I knew there was something wrong. When my doctor called me to come in the very next day, that confirmed the feeling.

3. As a result of my mammogram, I was diagnosed with ductile carcinoma in my right breast. It is a cancer of the ducts that move milk to the breast and nipple.

4. I immediately started a regimen of organic foods and drinks, which I strongly believe started to heal me. My recipe for breakfast in the morning consisted of a drink mix of 100 percent pure cranberry, cold pack aloe vera, 100 percent blueberry and pomegranate. I took 10,000 IU of vitamin D.

5. I had a biopsy and the results were precancerous. My doctors suggested I have a mastectomy, because it covered most of my right breast.

6. With diet and exercise, I began to feel stronger and feel my body healing. Family and friends strongly suggested that I have the surgery.

7. It was my inner strength that brought me through both the mastectomy and reconstructive surgery. It also helped to have a close friend who had gone through the procedure.

8. As of Sept. 7 my mammogram results indicate that I am cancer-free. I feel stronger physically, emotionally and spiritually. My doctor suggested that I begin hormone therapy for five years. I decided to stay on my regimen of organic foods and drinks. I encourage woman to take care of their health and do both self-exams and have mammograms annually. I truly believe early detection helps tremendously. It saved my life.

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