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Hair Care after Chemo – A business conversation with Sumayah Hodges

by Kimberly Bailey-Tureaud

Sumayah Hodges, owner and operator of two Grannz Beauty Centers in Las Vegas, shares secrets for dealing with thinning hair and discusses her work with women losing their hair due to chemotherapy treatments.

Why is it so important for you to help women who are losing their hair?

I watched my mother, for the last four years, lose her hair because of chemotherapy. I understand that many women love their hair. They consider it their pride and joy, and losing it could be devastating. My mission as a cosmetologist is to uplift my clients’ spirits, make them feel good inside and out.

Do you have any clients coming to you right now who are going through chemotherapy for breast cancer?

Yes, and one particular lady stands out in my mind. She is not African-American, but she went through chemotherapy, and when her hair grew back, the texture changed completely. Instead of straight hair, her hair came back as an afro. Her hair is very kinky and coarse. I gave her a full sew-in weave because she had enough hair to do so.

Is it better to have a hair weave that is sewed in rather than glued?

Yes, the glued-in hair weave can take your hair out, especially if it’s fragile from treatments. The sewed-in hair weave allows your hair underneath to breathe, and you can still shampoo it and oil your scalp. I suggest that if you are recuperating from chemotherapy treatments, you wait to do anything with your hair for six months. Let the hair grow in stronger. Everyone is not a good candidate for a hair weave.

What do you suggest for women with thinning hair?

Hair grows from within and I suggest that people take their vitamins and eat properly. I can’t make your hair grow or become thicker. As a cosmetologist, my job is to keep your hair healthy.


2 Responses to “Hair Care after Chemo – A business conversation with Sumayah Hodges”
  1. The conversation give good knowledge about chemotherapy treatments.

  2. jackie says:

    why don’t you have some black beauty salons as advertisers?

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