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Black to Life…Healthy mothers-to-be

Healthy mothers-to-be

It’s a new year! But is it a new you?

As we celebrate Mother’s Day this month, I want to put a special focus on the health of mothers-to-be. Please keep in mind that these tips work together with regular gynecologist visits throughout your pregnancy.
• Eat healthy, with daily portions of fruits and vegetables. Remember: What you put into your body is also going straight to your unborn child.
• Take nap time. Your body will signal when rest is needed; heed that signal, and take that much-needed nap.
• Stay away from situations that bring on stress. When you are upset, your unborn child is upset. Stress is related to many ills, so keep it far away from your pregnancy.
• Take the prenatal vitamins prescribed by your doctor. Vitamins are so important, not only for your unborn child, but also for yourself, as nutrition is pulled from your body to provide for your unborn child.
• Keep moving. If your doctor approves, take low to moderate walks while pregnant for circulation and to build stamina for your big birth day.
• Eat low-sodium foods. While pregnant, many expectant mothers retain extra water that contributes to discomfort and bloating. If your doctor approves, reduce your sodium intake.
• Live a natural life. Avoid chemicals that are known to be harmful and could enter your body by penetrating your skin.
• Elevate your life. While sitting, try elevating your feet on a stool in order to reduce swelling of legs.
• Create a free zone. Establish a space in your home, work or on-the-go environment where you’re able to release hormone-induced emotions that could make others uncomfortable. Your free zone is a space to release your feelings. Be sure to make others aware that no one can enter your free zone without a personal invitation.
• Reduce TMI. When you are pregnant, many — none of them doctors — will offer advice that is not necessarily in your best interest. Too much information from the wrong person should be viewed with caution. Always consult your doctor with any questions you might have.
• Don’t be pressured by the “sex call.” Your husband or mate may persist with requests for sex during pregnancy, but don’t give in if you are not in the mood. Opt instead for other creative expressions of intimacy and pleasure, such as a massage or passionate conversation. Or if you are in the mood — go for it!
• Drink plenty of water. Water is God’s juice, and it will keep you and your baby functioning at optimum levels.
• Don’t miss your regular checkups. Stay on top of your health and your unborn child’s development by never missing scheduled visits with your gynecologist.
Dr. Annette Mayes can be contacted at (702) 649-0002.

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