Friday, June 14, 2024

Flying high…

Trina jiles

Trina Jiles shows off her pink and black Harley.
Black Image reminds riders to always be safe and wear a helmet when riding.

Trina Jiles, a Las Vegas fire investigator and owner of Gritz Café, is a single mother who finds time to enjoy herself on a newly-refurbished 2006 Harley-Davidson Street Glide.
Her vibrant Susan G. Komen pastel pink and black colored Harley captures a lot of attention. “I get two thumbs-up from grandmothers and children when I ride my motorcycle,” said Jiles. “A lot of people record me as I am riding, from their phones, and I get the cars honking quite a bit as I pass cars by on the street.”
Jiles admits to celebrating Mother’s Day every day; her proudest accomplishment is being a mother to her son, Tyler. “Most people don’t realize that I was in the hospital for two months before giving birth to my son — because my water broke early,” she said. “The doctors gave me a 50 percent chance that my unborn child would survive. So, Mother’s Day is a day I am most proud of and thankful for and the biggest pleasure hands down in my life is (being) a mother.”
A member of the No Rules, No Dues Motorcycle Club, Jiles explains that she finds riding a motorcycle very rewarding. “Riding my motorcycle gives me a feeling of freedom,” she said. “Initially, I was intimidated because the bike is a big bike and most woman start with a much smaller one. But, of course, I had to have it my way and get a full-size bike. I have learned how to ride it with instructional assistance, and now it is a big release for any kind of stress when I ride. It helps me clear my thoughts, makes me feel confident and I really feel that I can fly when I am riding.”

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