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Boyd Law School student speaks on career and good health

L. Renee Green is in her third year at UNLV’s Boyd School of Law.

With headlines too often dominated by the failing economy, ongoing wars and the plight of the disadvantaged, some in the younger generation are establishing new hopes and dreams by preparing to tackle the competitive world.

At 27, L. Renee Green is married and in her third year at UNLV’s Boyd School of Law. Keeping up with her intense studies, Green manages to maintain a progressive outlook on life. “I am currently studying commercial and civil litigation — that is very interesting,” she said. “I am also preparing to take the bar exam and the (Professional Responsibility Exam) next year.”

The daughter of former UNLV and pro basketball star Sidney Green and Deidra Jackson Green, the future attorney explained what motivated her to study law.

“I was always interested in business law, because I am a very analytical person,” she said. “I always wanted to strive to ensure business relationships are good. I feel once the business community can function properly, so can the people in that society. I have always wanted to help in that realm.”

Keeping up with the challenges of law school has also given Green a new perspective on her total quality of life.
“I approach my life holistically,” she said. “It is important for me to take care of my mind, body and soul. My husband and I even bought a large dog to make sure we stay consistent with our daily exercise. Not only is our dog able to exercise, but we are able to get our exercise as well. It is important to take care of yourself because you are your most important asset.”

Green says watching her diet and keeping up with medical exams contributes to her healthy lifestyle.

“It is really sad for me to witness some people who don’t get their regular checkups,” said Green. “I know that even (when) black woman (are) diagnosed with cancer … it has advanced so much because they don’t get seen by their doctors regularly. My message to my peers is to know that you are valued. So often, women are relentless in taking care of everyone else in the family and ignore taking care of themselves. It is so important to lead a healthy lifestyle, so that dreams are not deferred.”

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