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PEACE – Happy New Year!

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It’s the new year, and everything around us seems to be moving in slow motion because of unsettling circumstances in the economy and world affairs.

The hustle-and-bustle required to stay above water, each and every day, can cause moments of stress and confusion. We need to be reminded to occasionally hit the pause button on life, and take a step back to look at how we are managing. There is a reason for every season, and when good or bad things find their way into our lives, it is worthwhile to examine our actions and reactions. Applaud yourself when things are great, and own it. Likewise, when situations are not so great; taking personal responsibility will keep you in the driver’s seat and help avoid future collisions.

We celebrate the new year with the hope that a new and better life experience will find us, that good things will slam into us when we least expect it. Would it put us more at peace if we didn’t wait for good fortune to hunt us down? What if, instead, we planned for our new year to be full of attainable good fortune that will shower upon us when we turn the knob to “on”? Instead of waiting for that telephone to ring – perhaps with the news that you have won the lottery or a sweepstakes — put your own money away, a little at a time, to save for that dream vacation. If you hope that your son will become a doctor someday, arrange for him to spend a few hours a week shadowing a physician willing to provide up-close-and-personal exposure to the profession.

If it’s a new job that you desire, don’t wait for someone to call with an opportunity. Make your own opportunity by emphasizing those things at which you excel. If we are truly made in the image of God, why would we ever consider that we do not possess greatness?

The great life you desire is there for the taking. If you are not blinded by the addiction to distraction, just click your heels three times and it can be yours. It has been within you all along. Peace lies in knowing your true strength to overcome any obstacle.

Happy New You!

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