Friday, June 14, 2024

At Green Valley High School, a golden ‘Nugget’ of excellence

by Alexander Hicks

I am pleased to serve as this month’s guest student journalist, given the honor of writing about someone at my school who has earned a lot of respect and admiration.

His name is Durrell “Nugget” McDonald, who many students look upon as a great guy. He excels as our school’s track and field star, varsity basketball player and honor student. In all things, McDonald is defying the odds and reaching only for excellence.

“I believe having an education is very important if you want to be successful in anything you choose to do post-high school,” he says.
I remember the first time I saw Nugget, immediately sensing what a happy and positive person he always seems to be. Whether on the basketball court for pregame warm-ups, or preparing for a race on the track field, his determination always stands out.

That same commitment to excellence is reflected in his outstanding academic performance. He has been accepted at DePaul University, where he will attend on a full scholarship. He is sure to succeed, given his drive and strong belief in working hard to achieve his goals.

Though his personality and charisma can be quite electrifying, McDonald also keeps a streak of humility that serves him well wherever he goes. He never passes by without a friendly smile or hello. It is obvious he is having a great time, enjoying his life one moment and one person at a time.

“I like coming to school at Green Valley High because of the great family environment and the teachers make the learning process fun,” he says. “I believe that you get what you give out. I try to be nice to everyone and to contribute toward others having a great day.”

It is not uncommon to witness Nugget offering advice to his fellow students, helping them embrace all that life has to offer.

“People want to be successful and live a good life — I’m no different,” says McDonald. “Participating in extracurricular activities while maintaining good grades is the personal standard I set for myself, to be the best I can be. Knowing that there is support behind what I do — from my family, friends and teachers — keeps me motivated. I am moving along the path I have set for myself with no intention of slowing down.”

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