Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Basketball talk at Hair Unlimited Barbershop

With the playoffs now capping off another exciting NBA season, Black Image visited Hair Unlimited, a popular Las Vegas barbershop, to collect some candid observations on the state of professional basketball. The conversations took place before the conference finalists were determined — but no matter the outcome, the back-and-forth was always lively.

“I like Kevin Garnett of the Celtics, so I am rooting for them this year. But there is a lot of drama this year, and that is what is making it so exciting. The teams everyone thought would be the most dominant are not actually the dominant teams — the ones under the radar are actually doing the best. The Celtics are doing well, and so are the San Antonio Spurs. Oklahoma City is also making some strides, and these are teams that have been underestimated. The Miami Heat are thought to be the most likely championship team, but they are having a little drama, also. When the Lakers’ player Metta World Peace hit an Oklahoma City player with his elbow that generated a lot of serious tension in that series. But it was good for the game of basketball, because everyone wanted to see what World Peace would do next.”
Broderic Ivery and son Yannis Ivery

“I don’t have a favorite team, but my grandpa is a diehard Lakers fan — and every time they lose, he calls them bums. I prefer the Miami Heat, maybe because of LeBron James. He didn’t get a real chance to do anything with Cleveland, because he ([left the team]), but I am excited to see him work with Miami.”
Anthony Flowers

“As for what team is the favorite to win the NBA title, opinions are split among people who come into my barbershop. Some people like Miami because of LeBron James and some are diehard Laker fans. Myself, I like whoever wins. When the Lakers win, it makes my brother happy; but when they lose, I have to put him on suicide watch. If I am not betting, I root for the Lakers.”Mack Smith

“If the Lakers make it through the playoffs, they might have a chance to win the championship. The Miami Heat will get knocked off. There are a lot of younger guys out there playing now who can get up and down the court on a fast break. Some of the older players are playing against some 27-and 28-year-old guys who are fast — and they are finding it hard to keep up.”Glenn Moore

“I do think that Oklahoma City is going to win because they have younger, vibrant and aggressive players. Sorry, the Lakers won’t make it this year.”
Sheree Butler and son Danny Simpson III

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