Saturday, June 15, 2024

Celebrating Independence

The skies will be colorful with fireworks this Fourth of July, lighting up hearts and minds in celebration of this nation’s independence.
But have you felt your own independence? Is your mind free to be?

Sometimes, we are unaware of how deeply others can influence our thinking. Do you find yourself stuck in a daily routine that serves only to make them comfortable? Choosing freedom from these strictures is a personal declaration of independence, and the strong will to experience that power makes the air lighter and the days clearer.

Life’s journey is open for all to enter, but your individual experiences are yours alone. The effects of any given moment stir something different in everyone; a favorite song, for example, evokes memories that only you can see.
W.E.B. Dubois spoke of the

”Talented Tenth,” a percentage of African-Americans who could change the condition of black people by combining their individual talents to produce maximum change. Why, then, are so many frightened to be alone with their individual thoughts? Your thoughts are, after all, the basis of your power to make the world a better place.

Looking for someone to give you a high five of affirmation? Do you need to express your personal conditions to others in order to earn an endorsement of your life? Do the fireworks need you for the explosion, even after the wick has already been lit? Demand your liberation, and if those around you feel threatened by the spark, explode anyway. They will either respect you for it or get out of the way.

Connecting with oneself is a powerful force; it is our pipeline to God. Meditation is a divine art, releasing thoughts of destruction and bringing feelings of peace to their rightful position. The gift of fellowship is a warm spiritual embrace, and should be handled with care — giving admittance only to those with your best interests in mind.

The unconditional love in your children’s eyes acts as added fuel in your journey to pure perfection. It gives you the strength to take a front row seat in your own life, and make others aware that it should never be taken for granted. Your thoughts are your own to share with those who show compassion, and shielded from those who would use them as weapons.

Make this Fourth of July your day of independence. Look up a little higher, speak a little louder and walk a little faster. Time is yours to explore, and each second brings another opportunity to become all that you were ordained to be.

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