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ICON-in-Class: A Life Lived Out Loud

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I am proud to introduce someone whose hard work and strong family values have earned the respect and admiration of many.

Imani Carr is a motivated and driven individual – a young woman who gets what she wants out of life, and loves encouraging others to live up to the best of their abilities. Friends have nothing but praise for Imani’s character, describing her as “loyal,” “thoughtful” and “kind to a fault.” She has a warm and happy aura that can’t help but to spread joy, and is the type of person who will always try to be there for anyone  even if it means putting aside her own problems.

Imani Carr, left, shares a moment with writer and friend Nikkita Williams

She was once much more quiet and timid, but a confidence boost from her friends helped transform Imani into a social butterfly. She credits her membership on the West Prep Student Council with playing a major role in helping break out of her shell. These experiences taught Imani that she can accomplish anything with the love and support of her friends and family.

Determined to have a fulfilling career and achieve financial security, Imani sees her future field of respiratory therapy as a path to both goals. “My sister, who has asthma, is a big inspiration in why I chose this field,” she said.

Her studies will be academically challenging, but Imani is confident she will succeed with the unwavering support of her loved ones. “School and family have always been my top priorities,” she said.

It is never easy to balance school, family and work, but Imani manages to make it happen week in and week out. With a large family – including 10 siblings  as her support team, she is always encouraged to do more than occupy a desk. “I may not be the best student,” she said, “but I always try my best.”

Her drive for excellence is reflected in Imani’s academic performance. There are multiple AP and honors classes on her schedule. Her class rank, now at number three, shows that hard work equals success.

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