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Peace Kimberly Bailey-Tureaud

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by Kimberly Bailey-Tureaud

Maintaining Optimum Peace

We have all heard the cliché, “Too much of anything is not good.” There is truth to it; when the mind is not balanced with pleasant thoughts, new discoveries, education, laughter, excitement and rest, we often find ourselves feeling as though we are enveloped by a cloud.

Seeking balance is more than walking a straight line. The universal balance is in harmony with the rhythm of the revolving Earth. It tells us, “We owe it to ourselves to control what we can.”

Our search for solitude might be an escape to an ocean shore. Our gaze at a vast sea is so attractive, because it cleanses the mind of negative thoughts and allows us to know that there is something bigger. We are just a speck of sand in the greater mission of God’s promise.

A life of uncontrolled thoughts — holding on to emotions that hurt, taking actions that kill dreams — is unproductive. That is the unhealthy life. Imagine living in balance by taking complete control of what is fed to your mind, body and soul.

One way is setting an alarm to go off when someone shares horrible gossip. You stop the conversation, and exit to feed your mind with the beauty of the sky.

When someone keeps asking for your company socially over meals, when you need to lose weight, you have the ability to suggest a nice walk in the cool morning or evening weather.

You can control the interaction with your children, refusing to scream when all they really want is your attention. Turn to the face you made, and put a smile on it by sharing popcorn or reading their favorite book. Time won’t stop for you to enjoy special times; the special moments you share create irreplaceable history.

Staying in balance is a part of living victoriously. We can find many avenues to physical health, but we can’t ignore the calling to maintain optimum peace.


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