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By Dr. Annette Mayes

A woman’s right to choose

Dr. Annette Mayes

As a physician and a woman, I have a keenly personal, professional and scientific interest in the renewed debate over women’s health care choices.

Doctors are often sidelined in political debates, but patients should rest assured that most health care professionals are interested only in positioning those in their care for optimal health.

Ultimately, decisions about conception and pregnancy should be left to women, in consultation with their doctors. This is not a political position; rather, it is a medical one.

We should all rejoice when women decide to become mothers, but must never forget the time when we were denied a full range of choices when faced with unwanted or complicated pregnancies.

Those restrictions too often ended in tragedy, and we cannot turn back the clock on medical advances that have allowed us to better preserve health and save lives. In my practice, we often complement physical care with counseling services — empowering patients to better understand their condition and the availability of safe choices, no matter what they decide.

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