Sunday, July 21, 2024

A bond like no other

For Mother’s Day, Las Vegas moms and daughters pay tribute to one another.

Joanna Smith (Left) and Janice Smith (Right)

Janice Smith (Retired): “My mother raised six children and was a hard worker. She inspires me in so many ways — and at the age of 83, she is still very involved with her Delta sorority and currently lives in Maryland. She taught me how to sew, and I have been a seamstress for 30 years and she worked as a federal worker and I also worked as a federal worker for 25 years. She always worked very hard to take care of me and my siblings, and she made me realize that you can do whatever you want to do in life, if you put your mind to it and take a chance.”

Joanna Smith (Janice’s mother): “One of the secrets to being a good mother is working hard to provide for your family. I graduated from Ohio State, and I was trained to work hard. I was ambitious to become a CPA, but I ended up working as an accountant. I worked out of necessity to provide for my children, because I was widowed twice. Sometimes you feel guilty for working so hard and being away from your children, but my mother and others helped me with the children. When I didn’t have to work, I read books with my children, played games and jumped rope with them. I didn’t have a lot of money, but the church had many free activities for the children, and I suggest that other mothers of today take advantage of male mentoring groups and organizations like the Girls & Boys Clubs that contribute to your children’s positive upbringing.”

Tiffany and Ethel Hughes

Tiffany Hughes (Claims adjuster, Clark County School District): “I would like to honor my mother, Ethel Smith, this Mother’s Day because she is my best friend and has always been strong and encouraged me to be my best. I remember when I had my son; he was born weighing only 1 pound, and the doctors told me that if he survived he would never see or hear. My mother reminded me that that is not the report we listen to. We listen to the report of the Lord. Now, my son is healthy and 7 years old with no physical or mental issues. In that trying time, my mother was there for me again.”

Ethel Hughes (Tiffany’s mother): “I am the third oldest of 10 children, originally from Louisiana. My mother was a strong woman who whipped us — at the time that is how many children were disciplined — and she also talked to us. She led by example, so that is how I raised Tiffany. Living a life, along with her father, that was a good example. I didn’t allow Tiffany to be exposed to bad things or hear bad things. I knew she was a product of me, and when she went out, I wanted her to represent her father and me. She was always exemplary and responsible, and stayed in the mindset that if she did wrong there would be some consequences. I raised her by example.”

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