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‘My hero, and my heartbeat’

To celebrate Father’s Day, sons and daughters reflect on what makes dads so special

William Fountain, center, with daughter Marcia Washington and son Ernest Fountain.

Marcia Washington (community activist): “My father, William Fountain Sr., had five children: Marcia, Debra, Ernest, Ava and William Jr. Our father was such a hardworking man. He was committed to his family, and worked two jobs for years to provide for our family. When me and my siblings graduated from high school in the ’70s, my Dad was so proud and bought all of us cars. We never lost sight of how important our education was. I love him so much for being a real man, and loving and providing for us.”

Pastor Sam Roberson and his daughter Valerie.

Valerie Roberson (businesswoman): My dad, Pastor Sam Roberson, is the best dad of all time. He has been married for more than 50 years to my mother, and has been pastoring for more than 30 years at Community Baptist Church. He is a mentor, visionary, entrepreneur, teacher, provider, and a caring and loving father, grandfather and greatgrandfather. He is also a community father to many pastors and his church members. My dad is a man of his word. Growing up, if he said he would do something for our family, he would make it happen. He leads by example, and is God-fearing and law-abiding. A great provider, he always gave the family what we needed — with extra surprises. He is a very supportive father, and always offers positive words of advice. He taught me and my siblings how to survive, and how to save money for a rainy day. My dad is my hero, my heart and my heartbeat.”

Orlando Mayes, center, with son Torrey and daughter Melaney.

Melaney Mayes: “My father is many things. He is determined, wise and hysterical. He pushes me to new heights, and believes in me even when I do not believe in myself. Everything he does is driven by a desire to do what is best for my brother and I. Ever since we were children, my father would buy games, puzzles, books — anything he thought would better us. One of my earliest memories is my dad forcing my brother, Torrey, and I to practice writing the letter “S” after school every day. He knew how important legible handwriting was.
Torrey Mayes: It’s hard to find the words to describe a man so special to me as my father and also so reliable and dependable. I can’t remember a time that he was not at a sporting event or an award ceremony because he made it a focus to attend and support anything my sister or I was in. My father has always been a constant flow of lessons that, when I was younger, did not make sense and seemed pointless. It was not until I left for college that I truly realized how influential and important and the lessons really were in living life outside of my home. Knowing that I will always have someone so loving and smart in my corner is definitely one of the best feelings in the world. Thank you dad for everything you have done for me and for everything I know you will continue to do for me. Love you dad.

Attorney Fred Green and his family.

Tre Green (13-years-old): “My father, Fred Green, is a great dad. He is very respectful and loving. I love the respect he shows our family — and I show him the same in return. He is amazing, and even with his busy schedule as the attorney for the Internal Revenue Service, he still finds time for us. I can talk to my dad about anything, and he never gets upset with me when I tell the truth. I love when we do fatherand-son stuff. I like him to watch me play basketball and video games. Whenever I have a sickle cell crisis, my dad is there to rush me to the hospital in the middle of the night, or when something bad happens. l would like to tell him ‘Happy Father’s Day,’ and that I love him. You are an amazing dad, and this Father’s Day you should get everything you want for all your kindness and the great things you do.”
Mikayla Green (20-years-old): “Fred Green is a great father, and will do anything in his power to make me happy. He does what he can to help me without questioning me. He shows so much love, and words can’t express how great he is. He has always been there for me and our family — and when I was diagnosed with sickle cell anemia when I was 5 years old, he never left my side at the hospital. He would only leave to get a change of clothes. He has been there for me and my brother, Tre, physically and mentally whenever we have needed him.
He is so easygoing, and great to have a conversation with. He understands, and is also goofy sometimes, making all laugh and relax. He has taught me and my brother how to take care of ourselves with our daily medications and staying hydrated. This Father’s Day, I am treating my dad to a pedicure and a day at the spa. He is always working and being there for our whole family — and I want him to know how much I love and appreciate the great man and father that he is.”

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