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Intriguing and exciting stories of love in Las Vegas

Gary James and Lisa Reed

Computer Love

Inside the digital beginnings of the love shared by Gary James (better known as the Infamous DJ Remix) and Lisa Reed.

Gary: I am originally from California, and moved to Las Vegas from Arizona in 2009. I first met Lisa at a pageant in Las Vegas, where I was hired to be the deejay. We became friends and continued our friendship — even when I went back to Arizona, where I was living at the time. I was a fan of Lisa’s from the moment I met her, even when she became Mrs. Nevada Plus in 2011. I would keep up with Lisa on Facebook and would always ‘like’ her posts. One day she revealed something personal in a post on Facebook, and I decided to reveal my true feelings for her in an inbox message. From that moment, we have grown closer and closer.

Lisa: When I first opened the message Gary sent me, it was weird — because I was just speaking about him 10 minutes before. When I read Gary’s message, I was floored because I was going through a very difficult time. His words were so personal and strong, and I knew they came from a good foundation. I remember being so shocked from the message, that I had to read it over and over again. We first had a great friendship that grew over time.

Gary and I shared very intimate moments in conversations with each other, and our relationship became even stronger. I was a past victim of domestic violence, and was married to my ex-husband for 25 years, but I had never ever had a friendship with him—maybe we should have. Black love is strong, but it is strange. When we grew up, whatever went on in one’s house stayed in the house. I am not saying that the whole 25 years was toxic, but the last 5 to 10 years were on a burner about to blow up. I shared some things with Gary that I haven’t shared with anyone else, and he embraced me instead of judging me. That was really big for me. I can honestly say that my internal light was dimmed by my bad relationships, and I would sometimes put on a fake face of smiles when I really was crying inside. I went through homelessness and domestic violence. But after Gary sent me that Facebook message, and we are now in a serious relationship, my light is so bright right now.

Gerald and Flossie Robinson

The Proposal

Gerald and Flossie Robinson have been married for 13 years, in a loving partnership they say is sustained by keeping God first in their lives. Here, Gerald shares memories of the elaborate wedding proposal that began their life together.

I planned my wedding proposal to Flossie for months. I knew that we hadn’t had a date night in a while, so I told Flossie that we were going out for a night on the town, dinner and a show — and to wear red, our favorite color. I called my buddy and told him I needed him to help me out as well. I had Flossie’s engagement ring custom-designed, and I selected the revolving restaurant, Top of the World, at the top of the Stratosphere.

I went to the restaurant alone to talk to the manager and the waiter who would be serving us, and explained what I wanted to do for my wedding proposal. They were very happy to accommodate me, and ensured me that everything would be handled perfectly. My buddy took the engagement ring to the restaurant for me, while Flossie and I prepared to go out. I drove my truck and we arrived at the Stratosphere for dinner and Flossie had no idea that this night would be one of the most important nights of our lives. We had a great dinner, and I had a photographer and videographer waiting to capture our special wedding proposal moment. Flossie never has dessert after dinner, but I convinced her to have dessert that night. The waiter came out with a dessert tray that was covered and opened the top and all you could see was a round ring box that had the words, “only diamonds” engraved on it. Flossie went crazy and screamed with excitement, and I dropped to one knee and asked, “Will you marry me?”

All of the people in the restaurant stood up and clapped, and Flossie started crying and said, “Yes.” The photographer took so many photos, and we have every moment of that special time on video. When we left the restaurant, I paged my buddy and he picked up my truck in the valet and drove it home for me. As we came to the valet area, we saw a long stretch limousine drive up that had the name Robinson in the window. I asked Flossie if she liked that last name, and she said yes and started to scream again with excitement as the driver opened the door and we got in.

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