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Planning for a perfect wedding


Li ‘Shey Johnson is a widely respected wedding and event planner, who deeply understands the hard work that goes into planning the perfect day to celebrate a couple’s love. Here, she shares some tips that can help lighten the load for brides and grooms.
  • Make sure to develop a realistic wedding budget.

  • Look for the perfect location.

  • Decide what kind of food you want to have served at your wedding.

  • Remember your wedding is an event.

  • A good wedding budget is between $5,000-$10,000, not including the cost of the rings.

  • Be careful when planning a wedding on a holiday — because costs are higher.

  • Always consider the costs that will be incurred by guests and members of the wedding party. Be certain they can afford to participate in the wedding.

  • Take a bridal class by yourself to begin the planning of your wedding.

  • In order to avoid becoming a “bridezilla,” give each person in the wedding party a responsibility.

  • If this is your second marriage it is OK to go non-traditional and wear white. It’s all up to you.

  • A realistic number of bridesmaids and groomsmen: three each.

  • Non-traditional weddings follow the same wedding planning rules as traditional weddings — with flavorful centerpieces.

  • The wedding rehearsal dinner is a great place to build family relations with new family members.

  • I suggest a buffet meal served at the wedding reception, with offerings that represent both the bride’s and groom’s cultural backgrounds.

  • The bride should select the colors for the wedding and the flowers. Keep in mind the time of the year for the wedding, so that your flowers are in season. You don’t want to be forced to pay extra to ship the flowers you desire.

  • Your wedding reception DJ and photographer are two of the most important people in your wedding; they can make or break it.

  • Have 15-20 minutes of quiet time before walking down the aisle. Before entering the reception, the bride and groom should set aside a similar amount of time to spend together, just the two of them.

  • Be realistic about your honeymoon — and plan, plan, plan.

  • Be honest about your wants, so that there will be no regrets later.

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