Sunday, June 16, 2024

Life is filled with challenging times

Peace artwork

Life is filled with challenging times

The old cliché goes, “When it rain it pours.” Being no stranger to challenge, I look deep into my soul to find refuge. Isolation sets in — and even though we know that we should rise above, we go to that quiet place with our self.

This is your divine right, to close your door to think. Peace is there; peace in knowing that even when others are shaken, you will not be moved.

We are strengthened and inspired by those who came before us. Our ancestor, Harriet Tubman, took on the fight to free thousands from bondage. Flexible in her creativity and nimble of intellect, she embraced the courage of “I” and accomplished her goal. Courage is the greatest virtue one can have.

The consistent love from God is what we must hold most dear. He is there holding you, with only one vision of footsteps in the sand.

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