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‘Ultimately, I want to empower other women’

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Henderson resident Angelique Daniels is owner and operator of The Shoe Chick, a mobile business specializing in resale shoes, purses and accessories. By bringing chic offerings directly to those who crave the latest styles, Daniels is helping to revolutionize how fashion is bought and sold in Las Vegas.

How did you come up with your style of selling resale shoes?

I was initially selling interchangeable shoes and accessories as a direct salesperson. I would go to buyers’ homes or offices to show them the inventory for purchase. I would tell people I was mobile because I would meet them wherever it was convenient for them in order to make a sale. I would carry huge suitcases full of merchandise. Some of the items were new or “gently used.” I got really tired of carrying merchandise around to potential buyers, and one day I was watching a delivery being made by a UPS worker and I said, “I need to have a truck like that to do deliveries — and more importantly make it into a store.” So, I went to look for a truck on Craigslist, and found one that looked perfect in size. I laugh about it now, because now I know that when you shop online, especially for a truck, you have to be really specific. Once I bought the truck and saw it, it was a mess. I had a friend who told me the mechanics of the truck were good, but it needed a total makeover in order to be what I had envisioned for my mobile store. I did all the cosmetic work myself on the truck. I scraped off all of the existing paint and designed my Shoe Chick logo on the side of the truck. Now, it is really wonderful and people love it inside with full air conditioning, beautiful carpet and fine art on the walls. It is really a first-class mobile shoe store boutique. You can walk around to look at the merchandise and sit to try on your favorite shoes. Music adds to the luxury.

Angelique Daniels, owner and operator of The Shoe Chick.

Angelique Daniels, owner and operator of The Shoe Chick.

It sounds like the perfect “girl cave”!

You know, I work another job: I have two children and a husband. Ultimately, I want to empower other women. That is my ultimate passion behind what I do. I have recently partnered with a non-profit, Mariah’s House, that serves as a safe house for women who are victims of human trafficking in Las Vegas. Ultimately, the big dream is not really about shoes — it’s empowering women to have their own retail mobile units. The great thing about having a mobile store is that you can do home shows and events right in front of your house. It offers flexibility that many women need in their lives.

Where do you park your mobile store when you are not working?

I can park it right in front of my house when I am not working. It also serves as my quiet space when I want to go outside just to hang out. It is so much fun.

Why should someone starting out in business consider having a mobile retail store?

Today, as an entrepreneur starting out, things can be really expensive — especially if you have to start your business from scratch. Many people are also buying from the internet, and they don’t get a chance to see the shoes they buy; they arrive in a box. The Shoe Chick Mobile Store offers a positive option for consumers to see the shoes first, before they purchase them. We come to you so that you can try the shoes on your feet to really get a good feel for them before your purchase. Plus, the personal touch is there — and my clients really enjoy it.

What have been some of your challenges with your business?

I have been in business for two years, but recently made a transition from selling interchangeable new shoes to selling resale shoes. I want to be known as a premium resale owner because all of my items are really nice. I love thrift shopping and finding great deals. One of my challenges with selling new shoes dealt with suppliers and delivery times. Also, back orders were costing me more money on the back end, and I would still have to get the product to my customers. Now, my Shoe Chick Mobile Store allows my customers to come on the truck, see the shoes they like and buy them on the spot. Cash and carry is the best way to have a retail mobile business.

Angelique Daniels' mobile business "The Shoe Chick," specializes in resale shoes, purses and accessories.

Angelique Daniels' mobile business "The Shoe Chick," specializes in resale shoes, purses and accessories.

Are you on the web?

Yes, at I am in the process of changing everything over in my inventory. But I still have some interchangeable new shoes available at half price. The new inventory is not on my website as of yet, but I am very excited about my September grand opening for the Shoe Chick Store, because I never really ever had one. My mission is to be known in Las Vegas and in the Henderson area. I think I finally got the business all figured out. I recently joined the Association of Mobile Retail Owners in California, so I can expand my knowledge on mobile retail and help others who want to get into the business.

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