Sunday, June 16, 2024

Peaceful Reflections

Peace artwork

It should bring peace to reflect on your life and where you see it going. Like anything in motion, it needs an energy source. Cars cannot move without engines, and trees won’t bend without the force of wind.

Sometimes our personal energy runs empty, and the force needed to turn dreams into reality comes out more like a putter.
Everything that grows needs basic elements to prosper, and our motivation to make life better is no different. Locate that spark that restores your progress toward internal peace. I often find it when I am engulfed with the love I feel for my family and others. Immersion in love is very energizing; it fertilizes the spirit. Those who introduce hate and confusion throw you off the positive path.
Seek and embrace all that reminds you of your true self and what you strive to achieve. The warmth is already there, preparing a landing pad for a successful arrival to the place you always wanted to be.
Peace is there waiting for you. Reach high, spread your wings and give the universe a thank-you hug.

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