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Readers weigh in on Ferguson, MO

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With the nation still reeling from the Ferguson, Mo. police killing of Michael Brown, we asked Las Vegas Black Image
readers to share their feelings on an incident (and its violent aftermath) that has captivated America.

Yvonne Rainey: How many more shots need to be sounded, how many more punches and slaps does it take, for our people to wake up and just simply answer the call?

Robert Muf Houston: I don’t like to see anyone killed, especially those who are innocent. I hope this will make us as a people stronger, smarter and wiser to do what we need to do to move forward.

judge, jury and executioner. He stopped being a police officer and became nothing but a street gangster thug who has no remorse for taking another human life.”]

Martine Ramos: We need to ask serious questions and demand serious answers. How long did it take to bounce back from the injustice of the past, when our people acted in protest with burning buildings and looting? Obviously, those actions of protest did not work.

Sharon Martin Blacknall: What happened to Michael Brown is a tragedy, and the response thus far has been deplorable. We as a people and community need to do a better job of instilling a sense of pride and responsibility in our kids. How can we expect other races to respect and value black lives if we aren’t doing it ourselves?

Sumayah Hodges: We can’t make it better, because we as blacks do not have any power. We need to change the system and make it fair for all. Also, it would help if there were more job opportunities for our people.

Glenda White: The bottom line is that blacks need to pull together.We need to stop the selfsabotaging with black on black crime. How can we expect the other races to respect us when we don’t value and respect ourselves?

Joshua Elliott: It’s hard to police a community where the people don’t respect or fear police authority. Some black young men in this country have almost destroyed our black neighborhoods and have turned some into war zones. They are killing each other at a rate that undermines the development and growth of our people.

Rocquette Tereece Love: I believe officers of the law need to take a course in human compassion and human psyche. This might help the officers to consider other options for arrest instead of being so quick to ... take a human life.

William Logan: In my opinion, instead of ... municipalities having control of police departments, the federal government should be in control of police departments. All cops should wear body cameras, and police vehicles should have cameras inside and outside of police cars.

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