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At the newly-renovated Oasis at Gold Spike, tourists and locals alike can expect a unique hotel experience.


Gold Spike

When it was originally built in 1976, the Oasis at Gold Spike offered few amenities. Today, a host of renovations at the downtown Las Vegas property have transformed it into a 44-room boutique hotel that is now a destination for tourists.

Owned and operated by the Downtown Project (led by a board of directors and lead owner Tony Hsieh, who is also CEO of Zappos), the Oasis offers affordable rates and a unique, creatively-devised experience for those who choose to stay there while in Las Vegas.

“Each room is designed with a contemporary style that we are proud to celebrate as a boutique property,” said Downtown Project partner Michael Stoll. “Each room has different furniture and artwork. You can come to the Oasis at Gold Spike and stay in another room and have a totally different experience from your last stay. Ideally, we have 44 different experiences.”

Maintaining the historic downtown exterior of the Oasis at Gold Spike was important to the new owners, as was offering visitors a new take on the gaming experience. “The Oasis at Gold Spike’s gaming experience is ranked No. 1 in ‘likes’ by our guests,” said Stoll. “The gaming experience we offer can be described as backyard games — where guests can participate in games like chess, ping-pong and four-square. Our hotel lobby area is what we also call The Living Room, which by day also serves as a space where people can come to work or hang out. You can think about what you would do at a family barbeque or family reunion outside. That is what Oasis at Gold Spike offers tourists — and locals who want an intimate staycation.”

Gold Spike

In a nostalgic touch, the property’s six affordable suites each offer an in-room record player, along with a vast library of LPs that guests can borrow. “There are also bike cruisers available to rent from the hotel desk area, for guests to cruise around the entire downtown area of Las Vegas,” said Stoll. “We also focused on renovating the entire bar area that once was the gaming section of the hotel. We removed the gaming, made some upgrades to the bar area and it is now totally modernized.”

Gold Spike

Meanwhile, the pool and surrounding deck area offer a tranquil experience for all guests. “From the backyard there used to be a giant parking lot, and what we found is that our guests enjoyed the outdoor space and games during their stay,” said Stoll. “So we decided to expand the backyard space and added more games. Now we have the ability to accommodate significantly more people to enjoy a true Oasis in the Las Vegas desert.”

For additional information visit: or call (702) 768-9823.

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