Saturday, July 20, 2024

COMMENTARY: Republicans trying to stack deck against Obama


Louie Overstreet

In the America of today, it is clear that we don’t know and don’t care about the endemic levels of neglect, indifference and hatred that exist in our society. It doesn’t take a card-carrying member of Mensa to understand that if we continue on this downward spiral, we will do to ourselves what no foreign nation would be capable of doing — which is to destroy our own great nation!

Greedy financiers are openly raping the wealth of America with such impunity that today, metaphorically speaking, many hard-working Americans have been reduced to $5 strawberries whose place of business is the nearest unlit doorway. The crime of financial rape has gone unabated for the past 30 years. Today, one percent of the population controls nearly 40% of the private wealth in this country. This is grossly unfair, unsustainable, and will, in time, ruin the concept of a just and tranquil society.

How damn indifferent can one nation be about the plight of its permanent underclass? The lackeys of the rich and powerful fought like hell, not in war — too chicken to do that — but in Congress to oppose the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) which contains provisions to address America’s ticking time-bomb of neglect of mental health issues that afflict so many of our veterans.

If being neglectful and indifferent were not enough, the flames of hatred are spreading faster than a fire in an unregulated Texas chemical plant.

Many racists, aided by religious bigots, have been absolutely relentless in their attacks on President Obama. They have literally called the president every name in the book, except a child of God! In spite of this, he soldiers on in an attempt to demonstrate what’s right in America. The president is not being neglectful, indifferent and hateful toward our fellow citizens like the people who now populate the Repugnant Party of today; unlike Republicans of yesteryear, who voted in greater percentages in Congress for Civil Rights legislation in the 1960s than did Democrats. These suckers today are willing to do everything possible to ruin a president — and destroy a nation in the process.

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