Friday, June 14, 2024

Three Temptations That Will Lead You to the Wrong Job



So how do you avoid making a bad career choice? By asking questions of yourself that will help you avoid a temptations that lead to misery in the workplace.

Because it feels good. Deep inside each of us is a longing to feel fulfilled and happy. And that temptation can leads down some bad paths — including choosing the wrong job. Just because a job opportunity comes up in Maui does not mean that God is calling you to pack up and go.

Ask yourself: “Would I take this job if it didn’t make me feel any better?” Because I will make more money. Is there value in getting a job that makes good money? Of course there is. However, the point of having money is not to have more money; as Dave Ramsey says, the point of having money is to have peace. So before you take a job just to get a bigger check, ask yourself: “Would I take this job if the pay were the same as what I’m making now?

Because it will give me status. Everyone wants to climb the corporate ladder. Even the noblest companies have people seeking promotions. Seeking to be competitive and striving to do the most you can with your career are not bad goals.

But far too often, I talk to members and friends who have found that the power or status that came with their job either wasn’t as powerful as they believed, or it came with serious baggage. Before taking a new job, be sure to ask yourself: “Would I take this job if it were a demotion from my current status?”

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