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With family by her side, Christina Milian balances a multifaceted career that continues skyrocketing upward.


Christina Milian

NOW seen starring weekly in the E! Entertainment Television reality series “Turned Up,” along with her mother Carmen and sisters Liz and Danielle, multi-hyphenate entertainer Christina Milian has long been accustomed to hit records and starring roles in such popular movies as “Love Don’t Cost a Thing” and “Be Cool.”

Today, Milian is nothing short of a growing brand: her reported romance with hip-hop superstar Lil’ Wayne is a source of pop culture fascination; she’s in the cast of the Hulu series “East Los High”; has launched her own wine label, Viva Diva Wines; and just released the single “We Ain’t Worried” to promote her We Are Pop Culture clothing line — which is now available at the Shiekh retail store inside Las Vegas’ Fashion Show mall. We recently spoke with Christina, and her sister/co-star Liz, about managing family success.

Tell us about your new clothing line.

CHRISTINA: My clothing line, We Are Pop Culture, is a sporty clothing line for women. It’s a flexible brand, and represents the times we are in and how women are finding their boss, feminine [yet] tomboy type of vibe. The brand has always emulated that. The brand represents that sporty type of versatility; it’s not just sex appeal. My clothing line is for the everyday woman who likes to dress up in clothes that are expressive. Having our clothes in the Shiekh store, which is known for shoes, [can appeal] to women who want to complement their shoes with a total outfit.

How are you balancing your acting, music and business careers?

CHRISTINA: I feel like everything coincides. Especially with the internet and social media; everything crosses paths. My reality show is used as a platform for inviting people into my life and also my brands. My acting and my music videos also tie into my brands. I have a song out right now called “We Ain’t Worried,” and it was used to promote my clothing line. I find a lot of different ways to promote my brands. It all works out. I say, “Why not?” If I am going to be the face of a product or brand, why not my own?

How do you enjoy working on your reality show, “Turned Up” versus an acting role?

CHRISTINA: I love doing both. It was such an awesome experience for me to do a reality show. I still love my acting, it’s still a lot of fun to act. Being a character and playing a particular role is a great challenge. I think it is also a great challenge to do a reality show. It is a challenge being yourself, and being vulnerable, and not worried about what the world has to say. It takes someone special to go out there, be yourself and be real. I am fortunate that I get to work with my mom and sisters. It has been really great for their individual careers, and for our family as a whole. It was scary at first — but it has turned out to be a lot of fun.

Liz, how have you enjoyed working on “Turned Up”? What has been a challenge for you?

LIZ: The biggest challenge would be showing my lifestyle and hoping that the viewers will accept and appreciate you as an individual who grows and changes just like them. And when the reality cameras go off, we usually take off our shoes and go to the backyard to laugh about all the crazy and stupid things each of us said — that we will probably regret later (laughs).

What are some of the beauty secrets that you live by?

CHRISTINA: I think water is the key to everything. It’s the key to youth, health and mental stability. If you are not hydrated properly, it can affect your mood and cause mood swings. I think water is my beauty tip. It’s great to drink a lot of water that can assist with digestion, your skin and your hair. If I don’t drink a lot of water I become very moody. It’s how my body tells me I need more water, and it can make feel better.

LIZ: My beauty secret is to never pick my face. But if I do, I try to do it at night. This way my face isn’t exposed to any extra dirt or sun that will leave scars or make the situation worse. Don’t feed the face.

Do you enjoy coming to Las Vegas?

CHRISTINA: Yes, I love going to the Floyd Mayweather fights, and I have been a fan of his for quite a while. I have also known him as a friend for a while. He is very dedicated to his craft, very focused and has a strategy to beat his opponents in the ring. I have always been a boxing fan. I also love to gamble at the Aria Hotel. They have the best casino. It is clean and smells good. I also have a bit of luck there. I love to also go to pool parties in the summer at Drai’s Nightclub and Rehab. There are a lot of very cool places to go in Vegas. I love to go to Las Vegas, drink my strawberry daiquiris and relax.

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