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For black organizations, a simple solution to annual ‘hat in hand’ appeals

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BY LOUIE OVERSTREET I trust that the readers of this column are bouncing back from excessive spending in the holiday season. For some of you, that spending included purchasing tickets to often overpriced events sponsored by our hand-to-mouth black organizations from late October through mid-January — with ticket prices ranging from $75 to $150. Just the […]

In change there is hope

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BY DR. ROBERT E. FOWLER Change is a constant to be leveraged — not a temporary burden to avoid. Here are 10 things people should know about handling change. Change Affects Those You Love. Leading change is not popular. People do not want to change — especially when it comes to their lifestyles. Therefore, the […]


A rising comedian takes us behind the scenes of the Soul Train Music Awards in Las Vegas.

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