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The new year is here — and with it, choices to make: We can enter 2016 in a cloud, or greet it with full awareness of our goals and aspirations.

Some aspire to touch the sky and make tremendous impacts on their own lives; others have a mind to nurture their hearts and serve others.

Life can be challenging, and we often go through it without feeling the rhythms and currents of our unpredictable world. Many loved ones have passed on, and a lot of us are hurting because of circumstances beyond our control. But in the new year, I am even more motivated to embrace peace.

Peace is the language of our Lord. If we truly settle into its arms, we can hear the answers to our questions. Silence your mind and body, and be mindful of every breath. The power of your silence can also be in your prayers: supplication for peace on earth, family, work, health — and the list goes on.

Overall, we all want the same things in life, and disturbances that threatens one’s peace should be ignored. Make sure that the world around you is centered in peace. Clarity is peace. Put things in their proper space, leaving you with open areas to think in peace. Disarray and disorganization can set us back, so take steps to clear your space — to think, breathe, speak, listen, relax, pray, visualize, and love.

When our peace is achieved for a moment in time, we can truly give and feel love. Connectivity to the most high will lead you to peace. It might be in the sparkle of a child’s eyes, or the solidity of Mother Nature. We must strive to be fully engaged — to capture all the tools needed to bring us to a place of peace.

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