Monday, June 24, 2024


Love from a Father

A father’s love is the most sustaining, beautiful, warm, and protective feeling that a child can ever be blessed to experience.

The wise glance from a father who is determined to take his children further toward a positive life is a higher power executive order. Many know what is expected of a father, but too few are prepared to embrace their calling.

I remember so many wonderful things that I experienced as the daughter of Dr. William H. “Bob” Bailey that many weren’t fortunate to witness. Yes, those moments when my father was really there for me emotionally, professionally and even at my bedside when giving birth to both my sons. Yes, I bear witness to an exceptional father, friend, and icon.

My heart is filled with warmth when I see other African-American men sharing their heart, love, and time with their children. Yes, defying all of the unfounded stereotypes about black fathers.

A father who listens to his children is worth more than the most precious of jewels. I mean really listening to your children and staying engaged in their likes, dislikes, and — most importantly — dreams. The dream cannot be deferred if a father leads you in spirit and wisdom.

The respect and love that a father shows to his children’s mother is a lesson for loving thyself. A father’s disappointment in his children’s behavior can be the fuel that makes a child take positive flight towards growth.

Father is such a powerful word, and within the family it is the nucleus keeping the unit together. Silent peace can still be felt by my father in a spiritual sense — even though he has physically left this earth. The actions (good or bad) by a father will go down in the history in the child’s memory and will be passed on through life experiences.

Yes, our fathers take us further — and we appreciate the blessings, and charge on in their name.

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