Wednesday, July 24, 2024


Self-love is one of the most important qualities to possess. There will always be moments when people try to define you — but you must treasure, and hold on to, the individuality that makes you unique.

No one has done you, but you.

To make themselves feel more powerful, people might try to ridicule who you are. Just understand where the resentment comes from. Hold the positive and loving person that you are close to your heart. Only a very small person would try to bring you down to their level. Have every confidence in the gifts that God has given you.

Your journey is making you stronger. Love yourself past the sky. This is the armor that will help you embrace another day, another month, another year. We all have things to improve upon, but take a close examination of those who criticize you. You will know whether the criticism comes from a true place of love and honesty, or a place of negativity.

You are great in the good and not-so-good things that you might do. The not-so-good things are the lessons to be learned and to improve upon. Love and develop your spiritual self. The universe speaks to you each day and is aggressive in showing you the things you should be focused upon. When we lose focus in life, that is when we lose ourselves. Give yourself the applause that no one seems to give. Unfortunately, we live in a society of takers — and your best-self is not on anyone’s to-do list.

Yes — you do you. All others will try to come into your fold when they see the unstoppable you, the unbreakable you, the loving you. Love yourself and love others — even if they can’t seem to get out of their own way. Maybe they just don’t need a front row seat in your life, but love them from afar. God’s work in you is ordained.

The Greatest of All Time, Muhammad Ali, showed us how confidence and self-appreciation will win the fight. Self-love is the peace you will find.

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