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Success! Find Your Greatness

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Jamaal Mccoy, General Manager of Findlay Chevrolet

We work each day to meet deadlines and goals that are dictated by our jobs, businesses, or families. They are typically made to encourage results, and are normally set according to someone else’s expectations.

As we strive for success in any area of life, I contend that it is better to create our own expectations for greatness and to develop personal goals for excellence.

Here’s an example most everyone can relate to: Can you remember those days in school when you paid extra attention to a particular subject? In pursuit of a higher grade, you may have stayed up all night — or a couple of nights — to master an exam. Or trained extra hard to win a position on your school athletic team. In order to win, you pushed yourself to be better than the best.

All of life’s challenges should be approached with the same dedication and determination.

If lack of time, education, or opportunity are keeping you from greatness, the first order of business is addressing the issues and making a plan to overcome any roadblocks.

Honesty and positive energy are also magnets for greatness; exuding both can open doors for opportunity.

Miracles happen when the spiritual self reconciles with a healthy intellectual self. Feeding your heart, mind, and soul will keep you on the path to success.

Jamaal McCoy is the General Manager of Findlay Chevrolet. Findlay Chevrolet is the #1 Chevy dealership in Nevada and has received numerous awards — including General Motors Dealer of the Year for four consecutive years, and Time Magazine Dealer of The Year.

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