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HEALTHIER YOU: With breast cancer, knowledge can be survival

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Thousands are diagnosed with breast cancer each year, and too many don’t know what to expect after their diagnosis. Some are immediately curious about the length of the treatment process, wondering: “How long do individual treatments — such as surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy — take? What are the average recovery times? How long until you get back to a normal life?”

A diagnosis of breast cancer can really disrupt your life — emotions, physical health, finances, and relationships may be affected.

When you were diagnosed, you may have been working full-time, raising a family, or pursuing your dreams. Your calendar was full and your life was busy. Suddenly, your schedule is invaded by a raft of appointments with surgeons, oncologists, nurses, technicians, and therapists. You instantly acquire a new job — getting through breast cancer treatment.

I would encourage you to become empowered with literature and information that keeps your will strong during your breast cancer experience. With the guidance of your physician, you can keep your body strong with healthy eating and positive movement for your mind, body and soul. Your breast cancer recovery time is dictated by the treatment required — but with routine medical guidance, great feats can be accomplished.

Organizations such as the Susan G. Komen “Fight for a Cure” organization can assist with mentorship support as needed. The key thing to remember is to never give up on the fight against cancer. There are breast cancers survivors from around the country who have successfully won their fight against the disease. So, remember: Never give up the fight.

For additional information, contact the Las Vegas All Women’s Care Offices at (702) 522-9640. Or visit us at 700 Shadow Lane No. 165 (1st floor) in Las Vegas.

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