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Peace for our Future

As we await the outcome of the presidential election, the back-and-forth of the campaign has stirred deep, core emotions about who will be selected to move our country forward in a positive direction.

No matter who wins, we must continue doing everything in our power to help our sons and daughters unlock the greatness inside them — because America is filled with roadblocks designed to derail black children’s dreams. Their future is constantly threatened by socioeconomic challenges and issues of abuse. Recently, I was taken aback when I witnessed a police officer hit a young black boy in the head while he was handcuffed and sitting on a curb. I saw something, and you best believe I said something. That desire to protect our young people should also drive us to vote NO on Question 2–which will allow recreational marijuana use in the state of Nevada. The fear is that many people will go to jail if caught with marijuana outside their homes. Also, drug testing in Nevada won’t be modified excusing marijuana use detection and will keep many from employment opportunities.

The daily journey for peace does not lie in the absence of awareness. We have to be conscious players in the game of life. Open eyes and functioning minds can counter ill will. Living a fearless life is mandatory, but it takes practice to assure the peace we all hope to achieve.

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