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PEACE: Live in Moments…

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Live in Moments…

We are so quick to have questions, judge a situation or look for the next best moment. We should STOP.

There is value in the moment you are experiencing right now. Life moments should never be taken for granted with friends, family or just your quiet time alone. Everything needs uninterrupted time and attention. Your soul will swell with delight when fed with this kind of concentration. Even in conversations with strangers, you should really listen and give your energy to people who are trying to positively connect with you.

We are all charged to enhance humanity with our time, input and attention. Looking away and moving on sometimes leaves goodwill abandoned. Moments like this are important — moments that stimulate a loving exchange should be treasured. What we give to others we really give ourselves.

No man or woman is an island — and good or bad, we all need each other in a very impactful way. Living things need each other for survival, and His plan was for us to take care of one another.

The universe speaks to us each day — demanding our attention with blooms, colors, and weather changes, commanding us to take notice. The lonely life is a conscious choice. You have to remember to get out of yourself and experience all that is here for you.

Moments are precious, and they await your total embrace to bring peace.

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