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More on that not-so-sweet thing

ROSALIND BROOKS tends rows of vegetables at Vegas Roots Community Garden

Last month we talked a little bit about sugar and how it harms our bodies. I want to wrap up that discussion by going a little bit more in-depth about how it affects adults and children alike.

Diabetes is a disease caused by excess sugar consumption and the failure of the pancreas to produce adequate insulin when the blood sugar rises. When a concentrated amount of the white stuff gets into the bloodstream, it causes the body to go into shock. The pancreas ultimately wears down from being overworked, and diabetes will then show its deadly face.

An article in the British Medical Journal, entitled “The Sweet Road to Gallstones,” reported that “refined sugar is one of the major dietary factors in gallstone disease. Sugar can upset all of the minerals, and one of the minerals, calcium, can become nonfunctioning depositing itself anywhere in the body, including the gallbladder.”

Another issue that has become an issue in our schools is an increase in ADHD. An overconsumption of sugar can cause various levels of mental problems.

Think about this: When you are depressed or need a pick-me-up and reach for a donut or soda, don’t you feel an almost instant change in your mental state? I’m sure your answer is yes. This demonstrates the effect that sugar can have on our brain. Most young people, by the time their first class starts, have already consumed two days of their sugar allowance between sugary cereals, processed juice, pastries, jelly and the like.

Dr. A. Schauss wrote a book called “Diet, Crime and Delinquency,” which discusses how prison inmates are “sugaraholics” and that erratic outbreaks are often followed a sugar binge.

If reducing sugar consumption can lead to better grades and more focus for our children, then all households should take heed.

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