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ASKED & ANSWERED: ‘I love the challenge’

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Cheyenne High School is one of many schools in the Clark County School District that is educating students in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). Some of those students — senior Janae Frazier, sophomore Jordan Martin, and freshman Lyndon Joseph — recently spoke to Las Vegas Black Image Magazine about their passion for robotics, cybersecurity, and computer

Students Lyndon Joseph, Janae Frazier, and Jordan Martin.

science. Their teacher, Fran Bromley-Norwood, helped navigate the conversation.

Janae, what is your involvement in the STEM program?

Janae: I participate in our Cyber Patriots Club which gives us hands on training with cyber security and we compete with other schools. We are placed in situations where computers have technical problems and we have to correct the problems. Instructions are given to each group of three students and we are given six hours to fix the computer’s problems. This is my first year doing something like this but I am catching on.

Tell me more about the competition with Cyber Patriots?

Janae Frazier

Lyndon Joseph tries on the new Oculus Rift headset.

Janae: So far my team is doing pretty good and it’s an ongoing process. My team and I brainstorm to come up with different ideas to tackle each computer challenge. Every team is given computer images to correct and to find all the problems in them. Each team is given points when problems are solved. Some students who change computer pass codes lose points. You aren’t allowed to change any of the computer passcodes, but some people do. I really enjoy taking all the notes from the initial “read me” file that begins the process and I keep my team on track.

How would you like to use your STEM education after you graduate from high school and college?

Janae: I want to go to an arts college in Seattle and learn how to make my own films. I want to make movies and learn how to protect them with cyber security. So many movies get hacked from the internet and YouTube. I want to specialize in stopping computer hacking of movies — especially the movies I produce.

Jordan, what is your involvement in the STEM program?

Jordan: I am in the Robotics Club and I give my team the support they need to program the gadgets that are being created. I set up the instructions that controls the robots and other gadgets. This is my second year in Robotics and I am an amateur — but I am getting it. I am being introduced to a whole different realm on the computer, because you are creating everything from the computer instructions given. I love mathematics and that is why I was told I should do computer programing.

Fran Bromley-Norwood: Jordan is a computer science student and is learning how to program in C++ and Java.

Jordan: In robotics, we use Java and in Ms. Bromley-Norwood’s class we use C++.

What would you like to do in the future with computer science?

Jordan: When I was a little boy, I always said I wanted to be a scientist. I love robotics, even though it can be stressful. I love the challenge.

Lyndon: Ever since I was 10-years-old, I started playing video games, and that is the reason I wanted to learn computer programing — to build my own video games.

What would make your video game designs competitive with other games?

Lyndon: I would like to build programs for games that allowed the player in step into the game and play. I also want to practice cybersecurity in order to keep people safe.

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