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Engage People, Influence Your Neighbors

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Eva Martin

Businesswoman Eva Martin on how to best communicate with the people who surround you every day.

Eva Martin, who owns and operates several McDonald’s restaurants, is committed to giving back to Las Vegas through community engagement and scholarships that help young people take flight toward higher education. Here, she shares tips on how to best communicate with the people who we can influence in our daily lives.

Be a responsive community engagement leader. Broaden your goodwill in the community by staying abreast of neighborhood activities and current affairs. Respond to positive calls that have a direct impact on people in need. Share positive ideas with powers-that-be who can promote and support uplifting change.

Advance skills to bring value to the community. There’s one mantra that applies to everyone: “Education is the key.” Educate yourself on skills that will contribute to your community. Empower yourself to identify voids and fulfill them.

Get involved.

There are many groups in Las Vegas that are doing fantastic work to lift up people in the community. Identify organizations that are in line with your passion for uplifting humanity. As you give back in partnership with others, you will ultimately receive the greatest gifts.

Have a front row seat in the life of your community. Knowledge is very important. Stay up-to-date on issues and events that affect your community. What affects one might affect all. Be a good listener. Take the time to listen while in conversation with others who are sharing their points of view. Everyone is worthy of a listening ear.

Embrace the community with love and an open heart. You can bring value to a community by understanding what people truly value. Approach your community with love and an open heart and others will appreciate the respect you give.

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