Monday, June 24, 2024

PEACE: Much Too Much

We sometimes find ourselves in a whirlwind created by the hustle, bustle, and demands of everyday life — trying desperately to please others while putting our own needs on hold.

Spring reminds us that flowers bloom with life thanks to nourishment from the sun, water and soil. As the beauty attracts our eyes, it reminds us that we all need fulfillment in order to prosper.

Many times we look to others to keep up the momentum we need, but there will always be times when we have to fill our own empty cup. Restoration, we learn, is accompanied by exploration.

In those moments we have to rediscover the source of our own light. And that will not always be pouring ourselves into work or other projects that cause us to fulfill someone else’s expectations. When we find ourselves doing much too much, it’s time to examine our motivations. What is motivating you to go overboard with your daily activities? Is there a mandate to keep pushing when there is no pulling you up?

As we meditate on our experiences and all that is required to maintain certain luxuries, we must be mindful of what we truly value in life. Those things that are most important are those things that are most important place in your cup and all else are sprinkles around them. Self-management over one’s life is crucial, because other selfish forces will commandeer your existence if they are allowed to do so.

“Much too, much” can be regulated to bring purpose and joy when you are maintaining positive momentum. That regulation ultimately results in peace.

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