Sunday, July 14, 2024

The Unlucky 7: Reasons Why America Won’t Be Great Again


Louie Overstreet

7. America’s value system is being eroded by the obscene amount being paid to professional athletes. Athletes’ contribution to a better America is grossly out of balance when compared to others who provide meaningful services. For instance, if an athlete is making $20 million a year, this equates to 13.3 teachers working for 30 years at an average of $50,000 a year.

6. There are no longer any consequences for politicians who habitually lie to the public. By allowing this to occur during a campaign for the highest office in America, can anyone tell what truths we can now hold as self-evident in the good old United States?

5. It is grossly unfair for Congress to pay themselves $179,000/year, yet oppose an increase in the minimum wage, currently at $7.25/hour or $14,790 a year for 2,040 hours of work. Even more revealing: since 2001, Congress has worked an average of 139 days a year or a total of 1,112 hours — thus lining their pockets to the tune of $168.30/hour.

4. Regardless of the circumstances, there are no criminal charges against police officers in upwards of 95% of the cases where they use deadly force. In these cases, not only is lady justice blind, she is deaf and dumb, too.

3. How can our country ask young people to risk death in the prime of their lives, only to be neglected once they leave the military and return home? There can be no more glaring example of this neglect than to note over 50% of the homeless population of America is comprised of veterans.

2. Bigotry and sexism are so rampant that Americans were willing to vote for the most vulgar man to ever run for President over a highly qualified woman. WTF?

1. The most dignified man to serve as in the Oval Office since Eisenhower, Barack Obama, has been succeeded by the most debauched man to ever serve as President.

Dear readers, please save this column. I predict that the person who has been sworn in as the 45th President of the United States of America will not finish out his term. Also, America will become the laughingstock of the world. The first signs of his demise will be evidenced by the number of cabinet members who have to resign.

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