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Forming a vision

His hometown’s struggle helps a young, rising artist find inspiration.

Jermaine Conway

At the age of 19, Jermaine Conway is already honing his artistic vision. And it’s guided by freedom.

“I am currently painting abstract expressionism which was inspired in the 1950s by artist Jackson Pollock,” says the native of Flint, Mich., who will soon enroll in a Los Angeles college to study fine arts. “It is the most freeing style of artistry, because it doesn’t require a plan — you just go with your feelings.”

Conway says that the water crisis in his hometown has lent to the emotional foundation of his work. “I feel like the water crisis in Flint … is still being ignored,” he said. “Several families still require gallons of water to be sent to their homes and even though I no longer live in Flint, it makes me emotional. I use these emotions for my artwork and poetry.”

Inspired by such artist as Jean-Michel Basquiat, Conway sold his first painting at age 17.

“I was so excited to sell my first painting for $350,” he said. “It was a watercolor on wood, and it made me believe in a professional career as an artist. I would like to someday have a gallery in every continent in the world to show and sell my art. I am very excited about my future.”

Jermaine Conway Painting

Jermaine Conway Painting

Jermaine Conway Painting

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