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Saleemah Abare

Saleemah Abare is making history in the world of barber instructors.

In Las Vegas, no ethnic group has more barber instructors than African-Americans. And now, Saleemah Abare has broken another barrier by becoming the state’s first black female barber instructor.

“It is a process to become a barber instructor in the state of Nevada,” she said. “I first had to get a barber license and become a master barber for five years before taking any of the required courses toward becoming an instructor. I took 600 hours to get my instructor hours — and I had to take the State Board Exam and pass it. After all of that, I became the first female barber instructor.”.

Abare, 31, acknowledges that the process to become a barber instructor in Nevada is a sacrifice for established barbers. “Taking that extra plunge to become a barber instructor is a sacrifice of time,” she said. “For many barbers who already have their businesses and clients, it’s hard to break away from their routine to attend Barber College. Many barbers have families and children and going to Barber College full time to become an instructor is hard.”

A barber in Nevada for 10 years now, Abare has an established and respected following of clients. She is committed to helping other women who desire to become barber instructors.

“It is really great that other women have asked me, ‘How did you do it?’ They are very interested in becoming a barber instructor and I plan to hold seminars to keep them motivated and to help them to see the process through,” she said. “I am humbled to know that other women are now considering becoming a barber instructor … because they heard my story.”

She continued: “I think for anybody not only women … you really have to be dedicated and want to embrace the sacrifice. It was really hard being in school for six months away from my business. But it can be done — and I did it.”

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