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Tyler Perry’s BOO2! In Theaters


‘So much is going on in this country, and I just wanted to have some fun’

Tyler Perry as “Madea” in Tyler Perry’s Boo! 2 A Madea Halloween. Photo by Chip Bergman.

Like it or not, Madea is a pop culture institution. First introduced more than a decade ago in the uproarious “Diary of a Mad Black Woman,” the character created by the prolific, multi-hyphenate impresario Tyler Perry returns to the big screen this month in the instant sequel “Boo 2! A Madea Halloween.”

The followup to last year’s “Boo! A Madea Halloween” might seem unlikely unless you consider that it was a surprise $75 million hit at the box office, well exceeding its modest $20 million production budget. Those kind of margins have driven Perry’s extraordinary success, which has earned him a fortune estimated at $400 million.

Set in a haunted campground, “Boo 2!” finds Madea, Bam, and Hattie running for their lives with a succession of monsters, goblins, and bogeymen in pursuit. The movie is “a little scary — but a whole lot of funny,” says Perry, who freely admits that his unlikely mini-horror franchise was inspired by a joke in the 2014 Chris Rock vehicle “Top Five.” He shared more thoughts on its release and career in a wide-ranging interview.

What is the laugh out loud moment in the movie?

It was the last night of filming — it really late, and the sun was coming up. I had to do my “Get Out” moment when Joe jumps out and runs full speed toward this dude across a field. I was so tired — and that was a really funny moment for me. Also, it was very funny editing the uncut version of the film. We had to receive a PG-13 rating, so a lot of the R-rated portions of the film were cut. But it was so funny and really crazy to see while in edits. The next film is the “Madea Family Funeral,” and it will be rated R. I can’t cut that up. It’s so damn funny. My “Boo 2” movie is funny — but PG-13 funny.

We know that Madea is not a fan of Halloween. How did you bring Halloween to Madea’s world?

No, Madea doesn’t like all of that ghost stuff. I also am not a fan of Halloween, witches and goblins. I can’t do that — and so this film is a fun way for people to go out on Halloween and see the movie that is a little bit of scary, but mostly funny. It’s good to see Madea scared and vulnerable; she is usually tough.

What kind of trick or treat would one find at Madea’s house?

You will only find tricks.

What’s Madea’s favorite candy?

Anything with sugar in it. Yes, all candies — she is a diabetic (laughs).

What was your worst Halloween memory growing up?

The worst Halloween for me when I was growing up was when I took a white sheet off the bed and put it on as a costume. I thought I would look like a ghost, but my mother yelled at me and said, “You better get back in this house and take off that sheet. You look like the KKK!”

What is the best scene in “Boo 2!”?

There is a big party scene that is really great. It’s the best scene, and I had to hire snake wranglers as extras and put them in costumes to walk around the set because there were so many snakes in the neighboring grass — and I wanted to keep the snakes away from the actors. We have snakes in Georgia.

What made you decide to do “Boo 2!”? Will it be as great as the first one?

I sure hope people enjoy the movie. I wanted to do the “Boo 2!” movie because  I thought the story wasn’t over — and there was much more to be said. So much is going on in this country, and I just wanted to have some fun. I thought we need some laughter, fun, and mindless stupid joy. This is what I wanted to do.

Will there be a “Boo 3!”?

As long as people want to see it. Every time I am really ready to put the character of Madea away, people request to see her again in my films.

Do you sometimes bring out Madea in real-life situations?

No, that would be weird. I am a six-foot dude and we are two separate, but equal people.

Is it hard for you to play multiple roles in the movie?

No, because they are all separate and very different people. Madea is almost 20 years baked and I am determined to not be her age and playing her. The other two are easy to fall into.

What are your personal favorite Madea movies?

It would be “Diary of a Mad Black Woman” and “Madea Goes to Jail.”

What’s next for Madea?

This Madea broad has been around for a long time. It depends what the audience does. Maybe Madea will run for Congress (laughs). “Reclaiming her time.”

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