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HEALTHIER YOU: Making and keeping healthy resolutions for the new year

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We have all done it when the new year rings in: making that resolution to lose weight. We go to great lengths to swear off sweet potato pie, cornbread and even date night — which often comes with the temptation of dessert.

According to a recent poll, more than 20% of us resolved to lose weight and eat better in 2017, but less than 10 percent actually succeeded. Here are five practical strategies to help you reach your goals to lead a healthier life in 2018 and beyond.

  • Set (small) goals. Stay motivated by setting and accomplishing weekly — or even daily — goals. Have one less cup of coffee, go an extra mile on the treadmill, or add an extra serving of fruit to your daily diet. Establish some foundational habits you can build on as time goes by.
  • Splurge … occasionally. Dramatic changes almost never last, and giving up on foods you absolutely love typically breeds resentment. Allow yourself to indulge in a not-so healthy food or beverage from time to time — not depriving yourself completely will set the stage for long-term success.
  • Have a Plan B. Have a plan for when things start to slip. If you never made it to the gym, do some sit-ups and pushups at home. Forgot to pack a healthy lunch? Check an online menu ahead of grabbing something to-go and make a comparable choice. Instead of beating yourself up about things not going as planned, get over it and move on. No one is perfect — especially when it comes to eating.
  • Find accountability. Having someone hold you accountable for your actions can have a big impact. Team up with a friend or join a group class for exercise, and trade nutrition goals with someone so you can both stay on point. If you need help getting started, a few sessions with a registered dietitian is a very worthwhile investment.
  • Reward yourself (just not with food). It’s important to celebrate your health and wellness accomplishments — but cupcakes probably aren’t the best prize. When you reach certain milestones on your quest for better health, reward yourself with calorie-free incentives such as a massage, new running shoes or some music for your exercise playlist.

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