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Five steps to a healthy 2018!

  • Decide that this will be the last year that you struggle with weight or health issues. Make this a year of you! You must get yourself well if you are sick, don’t feel well in your body, have inflammation, or weigh more than your body can comfortably hold. Make a commitment that 2018 will be your year to do it!
  • Find a plan and stick with it! If you have had success on a particular health program that wasn’t super restrictive or difficult to maintain, then consider starting it again. Or spend an hour to write out your own plan. Another option is to join my Well Women of Color program, which will teach you all you need to know about reversing disease and shedding weight.
  • Set four quarterly goals. For instance: the first quarter (Q1) could be to reverse your diabetes, Q2 could be to shed 30 pounds, Q3 might be getting off medication — and so on.
  • Write down what goes into your mouth during January and February. As laborious as this may be, it really makes a difference when making lifestyle changes.
  • Have a “why” for striving to be your healthiest self in 2018. Whether it’s to be around for your grandbabies, not die an early death, stay cancer-free — whatever it is, write it in multiple places so that you are reminded daily.

To get support in 2018, go to and submit your email to get information on my program to help you achieve your health and weight goals through support, education and an easy-to-follow plan. You can also join my private Facebook community of beautiful well women at

If you have any questions about how you and your loved ones can stay healthy, send an email to You can also visit the Vegas Roots Community Garden to purchase fresh, life-giving vegetables straight from the source. For more information, go to


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