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GOP giving poor folks hell in 2018

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Louie Overstreet

I don’t need a crystal ball or tea leaves to make this prediction: If you are poor in America, 2018 will be another dangerous and distressing year for you to catch hell.

Folks, if you didn’t know, the Republicans have a “Take Back America Plan.”

It requires them to:

1. Keep the poor disorganized

2. Dehumanize the poor in subliminal ways and over a period of time — so as not to draw attention to the underlying motive, which if discovered by the masses of disorganized poor people, would cause widespread panic and;

3. Disenfranchise the poor, so that their vast numerical advantage can be totally neutralized in a system that has functioned for many decades as a representative democracy — supported by the accepted concept of one person, one vote rule.

The Republicans have already taken several steps to implement the plan:

Action item 1: By passing tax reform, Republicans have effectively defunded the Affordable Care Act.

Action item 2: Social and educational programs have been cut to support tax breaks for the super-rich.

Action item 3: At the state level — where Republicans control most governors’ mansions and dominate state legislatures — laws have been passed to suppress minority voter turnout.

Five conditions must exist to make the foregoing work:

  • Perpetuation of a state of hostility between poor whites and persons of color.
  • Turn immigration into a wedge issue for voters.
  • Continue to have young folk fight needless wars for old rich folks.
  • Oppose the re-institution of the draft. Rich folks are not about to allow their sons and daughters to die in wars over who controls the world’s wealth.
  • Promote religious bigotry based on biblical support for hating people who are “different” from you.

If the poor want to defeat “The Plan,” it is an absolute must that we register and drag our poor asses, along with family members and friends, to the polls and vote like our lives depended on it. Because it really does!

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