Sunday, June 16, 2024

PEACE: Do politics bring peace?


Many are running for office in Nevada. The seat that only fits “one person” — the person YOU vote for. Many are faced with socioeconomic challenges tied to housing, health care, mental illness, senior care, employment, undercapitalized business development, procurement opportunities, daycare, transportation, and homelessness. One of the ongoing dialogues that does not bring me peace, and is somewhat insulting, is the comment, “We can’t fix problems in our state without you.” Please understand that you select political figures to represent your interests — and they are responsible for working on the behalf of the people who put them in office.

Don’t be bamboozled or misguided by public relations statements that let your political leaders off the hook for the job they ran for. It would be a delight if they shared their salaries with the people who put them in office, shared the first-class trips to Washington D.C., and all of the perks. Well, the simple truth is you won’t be included when the “one” person you vote for wins their campaign.

We can only hope that the person we choose to occupy a particular office does right by the voters who put them in their seat. As voters, our conversations with those running for office should not be formed as a question, but rather as a request. Remember it is not our job to serve them; they should be serving the community and or the state of Nevada.

It brings peace to embrace the power that God has given each of us and to take the political applications and find the best person to do the job.

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