Sunday, July 14, 2024

PEACE: Feeling Good!


We encounter so many things in life that make us uneasy, sad, or mad. That’s why it is important to allow sunshine to enter our souls — to shine joy and happiness on our lives and sustain our “feel-good.” Outside of the substances being marketed to us, we must know our own natural triggers for euphoric happiness.

The distinction between “happy” and “feeling good” is that happy might last a short second and feeling good will last the entire day. Some might witness your feel-good stride and try to knock you off course. It is your choice whether to allow a wave of negativity to invade your good foot.

Step into each day with purpose to fulfill the smile in your heart. It really is the little things that magically grace you with a joy sensation throughout your body. But we must stay woke in order to witness God’s gifts in our lives. Many hear people say, “It’s a blessing,” “that’s a blessing,” or “you are a blessing.” These pronouncements come so easily from the lips of those who may be unaware of the true measure of those words.

Yes, it’s your signal to stay woke and appreciative of all around you. We are never alone — and love is everywhere waiting for your embrace. It’s that smile, laugh, or even tears from a stranger that will bring you closer to love that ultimately gives you a feel-good feeling.

One who is truly in touch with the universe will know the distinctions between the truly authentic voice of love and those who fare on the dark side of life. Your only job is to gravitate toward the love that is given through the eyes of trust and transcend it within your own spirit.

The power of peace lies within the embodiment of your “feel-good.” Make a list of those feel-good triggers in your heart and weave them into your daily routine. It is such a wonderful thing to be in control of your reactions in life.

Peace is sure to find you if you pause and allow it to shower its love.

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